About us

Hey there! We welcome you on the fansite of Monster Hunter: World game. This website was developed by a group of four friends, who share the common addiction over MHW.

Monster Hunter: World creature

Andrew is our website developer and the biggest geek in our team. In the daytime, he works on a big IT corporation that must not be named. At night, Andrew is a warrior, world-explorer and dragons whisperer.

Kate is the copywriter obsessed with dragons and guns. She is proud of her high status in the game and her newborn baby Sam. We are not sure which one she considers as her main achievement.

David and Phil are twins, so we will mention them together. Mainly because we don’t actually know who is who. They have prestigious jobs in the financial market, and we suspect they are selling crypto when they are not playing MHW.
Follow our news and updates on the game. We welcome everyone who loves the game the way we do. And we are willing to share all its secrets with you!